High Protein Low Carb Pizza Crust

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I love it grilled, deep-fried, even pan-fried. The only thing I don’t like is the crust. I hate bread crust. I can’t stand it. I’ve tried all kinds of bread crusts (pizza, bread, multigrain, who knows what), but none of them work. I hate bread crusts. I’ve tried them all, and I still hate them.

Pizza is one of those foods that will always be around. It’s a great social food, and you can make it as complex as you like with as many toppings as you like. But as you know, if you eat a lot of pizza, it will start to weigh you down. That’s why I’ve designed a pizza crust that has a high protein and a low carb value, so that you can enjoy a lot of pizza without getting fat.

So you want to make a low carb pizza crust? Well, you could make a regular pizza crust, but we don’t recommend you do that. Most of the time, the pizza crust made with flour and other grains is far from low carb. However, there is a way to make a low-carb pizza crust that you can use to make a wonderful pizza that will taste great.

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There are just two ingredients in this high protein, low carb pizza crust recipe. Enjoy a low-carb keto pizza crust that’s ready in 15 minutes and goes well with any toppings.

keto pizza crust with 2 ingredients

Without using fathead dough, learn how to create the simplest keto pizza crust. Even though I adore fathead pizza, there are times when I need a pizza that is easier to prepare and lower in calories. 

I’ve been using this protein pizza crust for everything since I found it. Cut in half and use as a sandwich “bread.” Delicious!

This dish is very delicious and does not have an eggy flavor. You’ll have to take my word for it. I’m guessing the eggy flavor in certain keto dishes comes from the yolks.

The finest grain-free crust is required for a delicious keto pizza. I like a crust with crispy edges that stays together while remaining soft and chewy. This low-carb pizza dough has it all and then some.

keto pizza crust recipe

What Makes This Pizza Crust the Best Keto Pizza Crust?

  • keto crust using just 2 ingredients 
  • From start to finish, this dish takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.
  • With any of your favorite toppings, this dish is wonderful.
  • There isn’t any pizza crust with as few ingredients and as close to zero carbohydrates as this one.
  • low calorie – just 120 calories in this crust
  • This low carb pizza crust alone has almost 30 grams of protein.
  • edges that are extremely crunchy

keto pizza crust with crispy edges

Ingredients for Keto Pizza Crust

The fact that this grain-free pizza crust is prepared with just two ingredients, no mozzarella, almond flour, or coconut flour, is amazing. This low-calorie pizza crust is now our go-to supper option, and everyone enjoys it. 

You may eat the whole pizza on your own, depending on the toppings, which is a very generous and big serving size. The leftovers (if there are any!) are delicious the following day.

low carb pizza crust with toppings

Here are the two items you’ll need to create this wonderful supper keto pizza recipe: 

  • Egg whites cannot be substituted with flax eggs since they must be whisked until peaks form. It’s an important component in the crust since it provides it structure and makes it extremely light. 
  • We use a zero carb unflavored protein powder instead of normal flour or low carb options to make the pizza crust crispy around the edges.

There isn’t even any cauliflower! A miraculous zero-carb pizza crust can be made with only two ingredients. 

What Is The Best Way To Make Keto Pizza Crust?

Now that you’ve seen the crust components, let me show you how simple it is to transform them into this keto pizza base:

  1. Remove the yolks from the eggs and put them in a large mixing bowl with the egg whites.
  2. The egg whites should be whisked until stiff peaks form. To make your life simpler, use an electric mixer or a stand mixer.
  3. Mix in the protein powder and roll the dough into a 9-inch circle. beat egg whites and add protein powder
  4. Bake until the edges are golden brown and the top is set to touch in a preheated oven.

Pizza Toppings for Keto Diets

When it comes to pizza toppings, I like to stick to the basics: a decent tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, and salami.

toppings for keto pizza with zero carbs

  • Cheddar cheese, cooked ground beef, red onion, chopped iceberg lettuce, tomato, and pickle bits atop a cheeseburger.
  • BBQ Meatlovers – bbq sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, ham, beef mince, ham, bbq sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham
  • Spicy salami, mozzarella, jalapenos, onions, and hot sauce make this pizza hot and spicy.
  • Baby spinach, ricotta, cherry tomato
  • Olives, feta cheese, and red peppers
  • Turkey sausage, sauteed
  • Onion, cherry tomatoes, feta, basil

Is Protein Powder a Good Substitute?

Egg white powder is the sole component that may be used in lieu of protein powder. You can’t use coconut flour or almond flour in this recipe since it won’t work.

cheesey keto pizza with low carb crust

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keto pizza crust with 2 ingredients

There are just two ingredients in this high protein, low carb pizza crust recipe. Enjoy a low-carb keto pizza crust that’s ready in 15 minutes and goes well with any toppings.

  • 3 egg whites, big
  • 1/4 cup egg white powder or protein powder
  • 1 tsp Italian Seasoning (optional)
  • Pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, and shredded mozzarella cheese are among the toppings.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit/205 degrees Celsius. Use parchment paper to line a baking dish and nonstick cooking spray to oil it. Remove from the equation.

  • Place the egg whites in a large mixing basin. Mix until extremely firm peaks form with an electric mixer. If used, season with salt and pepper.

  • Spoon the mixture into a 9-inch-diameter circle using a spoon.

  • Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until golden brown around the edges.

  • Remove the dish from the oven and top with the desired toppings. 3-4 minutes under the broiler, or until the cheese on top is melted.

Nutritional Information

Per-serving amount

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The USDA Food Database nutrition information was used to calculate these nutrition facts. Our nutrition data are correct, but please double-check if you’re using other items. Because fiber and sugar alcohols do not increase blood sugar, they are subtracted from the net carb amount.

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High Protein Low Carb Pizza Crust - 2 Ingredients Keto Pizza Crust

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Cheese, fat, and a high protein content make this a one-of-a-kind pizza crust. What’s more, it is really simple to make and requires only a few main ingredients.. Read more about low carb pizza crust recipe and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pizza has low carb crust?

Pizza with a low carb crust would be pizza that is made without bread.

Do any pizza chains have low carb pizza?

Unfortunately, there are not many pizza chains that have low carb pizzas.

What is the healthiest crust for pizza?

The healthiest crust for pizza is a thin crust.

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