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The mini block is a new and revolutionary way of micro-dosing your medication. It allows for an accurate dosing schedule with the convenience of not having to store or carry heavy tablets, capsules or bottles anymore. The mini block can also be used as a keychain accessory so you never forget it on vacation!

The “mini yoga blocks” are a mini-version of the standard sized yoga blocks. They are great for small spaces and people who cannot use large blocks due to size or health reasons.

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Manduka Sales Reps used to show up to wholesale clients with giant bags full of samples and sneak peeks. “This was a wonderful product accident,” says James Applebee, Manduka’s Product VP, of the Mini Block. We asked our supplier for a smaller block for sample manufacturing so that we could better assist our Sales Team—the old full-sized block took up so much room that Reps couldn’t always fit them all in one bag.” Sales reps were ecstatic with the smaller sample blocks (and the resulting precious suitcase inches), so they set out to market the full-sized version.

Mini Block Use #1: These small-but-mighty Mini Blocks give great support in grounded postures like Half Pigeon, Half Splits, or Runner’s Lunge. They’re light-weight and simple to handle throughout your practice.

Nonetheless, calls for the Mini Block’s availability followed them wherever they went. “Oh, are these new?” shouted a studio owner in the Midwest. I’ll get forty of each color!” only to find out that the pint-sized product was no longer available. One Asian account was so taken with Mini Blocks that their rep handed out her own samples; these gently given Mini Blocks made their Instagram debut to a rapt audience. “You won’t notice if I simply throw them in my bag and take them home with me, will you?” said buyers from all over the globe. Even Manduka’s Product Team couldn’t resist the Mini Block’s allure. “We recognized the Mini Block is a yoga creative’s dream prop after distributing these blocks out to yoga practitioners and witnessing internal employees experimenting with them,” James says. The Mini Block made its debut as the sweetheart of Manduka’s Spring Summer 2021 Collection in January.


Mini Block Use #2: Extend your Downward Facing Dog or Tabletop Pose with these palm-sized blocks, allowing for a seamless transition to low-lunge. The Mini Blocks may also help to relieve wrist tightness and increase shoulder girdle room. Keep the blocks below your hands while you flow in Plank Pose or Side Plank Pose for a fresh sensation.

So, what makes the Mini Block special, and how can you use it in your practice? This product was designed to be portable, so you can quickly throw two in your bag and go to your favorite studio class. If room is limited in your tiny house or apartment, these blocks will go unnoticed until it’s time to unroll your mat. If your kids are interested in yoga, they’ll love these props that are exactly their size.



Mini Block Use #3: Mini Blocks are an arm-delight balancer’s due to their excellent size and ease of grasp. Try using the Mini Blocks beneath your hands in postures like Crow Pose or Firefly Pose; you may be amazed how much easier these postures become with the added height. Do you want to improve your handstands? Mini Blocks are charming handstand canes that are portable.

Long before it went into production, the Mini Block became the star of my home practice as one of the above-mentioned Sales Reps. Please appreciate some of my favorite Mini Block applications listed in this post, but remember that the main fun of this product is watching how yoga students and instructors throughout the world utilize it. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Halle Miroglotta, @halleyoga Photography, provided the content and modeling. Credit: @bigbowlofmysterysoup, Veronica Billedo

The “13 inch yoga block” is a new piece of equipment that allows for a more intense workout. The product has been designed with the best quality and comfort in mind.

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